Thank you so very much is all I can say! Without the help of Community Futures, the livelihood and future of Blooming Smiles Dental Hygiene would certainly be compromised in light of Covid-19. Bonnie McLean and her team at Community Futures were amazing to work with and understood the pressing need for working capital and relief to ensure my small business could survive this unprecedented time. Given the criteria for the various government small business funding, I did not qualify for any of the emergency subsidies or loans. Community Futures was the only lending option available to me through their Emergency Loan funding. I cannot say enough in regards to the ease of working alongside Bonnie, additionally her understanding for the sensitive nature of this very stressful time for small business owners. Thanks to Community Futures and their support.

Michelle Worton DHP

Dental Hygiene Practitioner Blooming Smiles Dental Hygiene