What a crazy ride it’s been!  My journey began in the winter of 2017.  I felt dissatisfied with traditional 9-5 grind type of work.  Sometimes I would find a job that I loved, but those always seemed to end far to quickly.  I had tried entrepreneurship before and had studied business school, so I really felt like my time was here to make my own destiny once again!

I was a bit beaten down though and was afraid to do it on my own.  I had the capital at that time, but I really needed the support.  In stepped Bonnie Mclean, just the backbone I needed! Gently but persistently keeping me on track to make my future business a success!

The time arrived and in April 2018 I officially opened Gitrdone Property Care, serving the Peace Region.  From that day forward I fell more in love with the community, my clients, my work and the money!!

Time passed, I tried a new location which failed, and then I returned to the beautiful Peace Country, lawn tractor in tow, to once again find my destiny.

I was welcomed back with open arms and soon my client base consisted of Realtors, Doctors, Lawyers and Property Management companies.  Not bad for a girl with a cleaning bucket and a dream of being her own boss.

Covid hit like a brick.  Everyone was petrified.  I kept working frontline for my cleaning division.  Customers were lost, business was unstable, investment was unwise and my future was uncertain…

But Community Futures stepped in offering hope and money.  Ever better, they helped manage the way to fulfilling my obligations to meet the requirements of the RRRF Loan.  They put my fears to rest.  Not just because they supplied much needed cash flow to respond to the demands of a changing marketplace, but they reassured me in their presence.  Like they were fighting for all of us entrepreneurs when it felt the like the world was going to shut us all down. But we were going to be ok.

I am not self employed because I get rich, I do it because I need to.  I can’t explain what it’s like to be your own boss, both champion and critic of your own work.  But I know that I need the buck to stop here.  It’s who I am.  I’m proud to stand behind my work, I’m rewarded with client referrals, growing my ever-expanding cleaning division.  I can’t be an employee.  Without Community Futures my life would not be nearly as rewarding as it is each day.

Thank you, all of you, for everyone one of you has reached out and supported me in some way.  You have my eternal gratitude for keeping small businesses, including mine, alive in the Peace.

Naomi Muise



Gitrdone Property Care

Owner/Operator Gitrdone Property Care