Virtual Entrepreneur

Training Program Project

Virtual Entrepreneur Training Program is a program that Community Futures Peace Liard delivered with the support of the BC Rural Dividend Fund. This program was delivered free of cost to participants in Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort St John and Fort Nelson.

BC Rural Dividend Funds


Partnership Funds



To communicate the necessity of online presence for small business;
To provide tools for online marketing and presence;
To assist the businesses in establishing online and social media presence;
To guide the participants from the understanding of the Internet-based commerce rules to their application with the available tools;
To assist the participant in setting specific business goal to be achieved through their online presence.

Week 1: Self-assessment overall business goal, running small business in remote community – online tools;

Week 2: Current stage of online presence and business situation respective to the overall goal;

Week 3: The Gap – what needs to happen, grow client base, grow revenue, new opportunities;

Week 4: Identify The #1 priority (revenue, clients) to be focused on in the online presence efforts;

Week 5: Understanding the power of online presence tools and channels available;

Week 6: Facebook Page for business, terminology, tagging, posting, automation;

Week 7: Basic Facebook marketing strategy,
commitment, accountability;

Week 8: Setting 12 month goal for Facebook, now and then;

Week 9: Email list – The starting point – the landing page;

Week 10: Value marketing – create a freebie;

Week 11: Establish email client – Build email list;

Week 12: Review progress, Self-assessment, identify next step.