Client Spotlight

Nordic Vale Honey Farm

We are proud to celebrate our local businesses throughout the Peace-Liard region. Businesses like Nordic Vale Honey Farm.

“Nordic Vale Honey Farm is passionate about farming and doing what we can to raise our family and our bees in the best possible environment. Besides having all the honey, we could ever want, we provide pure honey, all natural beeswax candles and other related quality products from Hive to Home.”

Our small businesses feed our economy… and Nordic Vale Honey Farm makes is sweet!
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We are celebrating small businesses like Shangrila!

“Shangrila has been serving Fort Nelson for almost 15 years and we are very committed to our customers. Our food is freshly made and will keep you coming back again and again. This is not fast food! None of our menu items are pre-packaged but cooked by order, fresh for you.”

At Shangrila, we believe in serving the highest quality food. Delicious and nutritious! Come down to our restaurant and find out for yourself or call 250-233-2188 to place your order!

Mila Landsdowne Fashion

Local entrepreneur Mila Lansdowne can help you put your best-dressed foot forward!

“Clothes Make People” and “The First Impression Counts” are phrases expressing the importance of our appearance in our professional relationships with business partners and clients,” Mila shares.

With Mila Lansdowne Fashion, I offer unique designs in easy-to-care materials designed for the busy life of professional women in business.

I started with hand-painted silk scarves and art on silk and work now with a manufacturer producing
unique designs for women with the tagline “Dressed For Success”. Part of this development I received support for my Art For Happiness business in the early stages from Community Futures Peace Liard.

Learn more about Mila here:

Scoop Clothing

We are proud to support local businesses throughout the Peace-Liard region. Businesses like ScoopClothing!

“At Scoop Clothing we pride ourselves on helping people find the best clothing that suits their needs and body perfectly! We believe all bodies are beautiful and are so proud to carry sizes XS-3X!”

Our amazing team of associates are equipped with a high level of knowledge of our pieces to best assist our clients.

We have served the woman of the north for the last 14 years and we are so thankful for the community support to continue for many more years to come!

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The Meat Doctor

Our small businesses feed our economy… and The Meat Doctor is feeding us too!

Community Futures Peace Liard asked owner Marsha what her favourite part of owning her own business was.

“While taste testing is one of my favourite things to do, I would have to say that owning a small business allows you to have an impact in your community,” Marsha, The Meat Doctor.

The Meat Doctor would not be where it is today without the support of the great people that live in our community. So, when we are in the position to be able to give back to our community we do.

Sometimes we can’t answer the call for help all by ourselves and we ask our community to help us help others. And when we do the response is amazing!

For example, last year we prepared hundreds of frozen meals for our neighbours in the south that had to leave their homes because of flooding. We also have cooked a holiday Prime Rib Dinner for the Residents and staff of our local care home for the last 3 years.

These things (amongst so many other community initiatives and programs) that we support are only possible because of the support we receive from our community.

So really-my favourite part of owning a small business is the ability to give back (but snacking on that prime rib ain’t a bad part of the job either!!)

Visit Marsha and her team at

Rip’s Cleats

We are proud to be a part of making small business dreams come true, like Rip’s Cleats.

Rip’s Cleats has grown into international sales with our ice cleats going to some unexpected places in the world, Australia and Tasmania for Antarctic scientific expeditions and believe it or not to Barbados, helping employees of refrigeration companies stay safe from the buildup of ice on their equipment.

Joining our current amazing staff, a new staff member has brought new perspectives to our business helping us stay current and flexible.

Community Futures has helped us by continuing the ‘Taking Care of Business’ series in 2021.
Dawson Creek has been proud to see Rip’s Cleats continue to be a success, our community loves to hear about where we ship our ice cleats around the world, and they are excited that we provide many jobs to seniors, retirees, and work-from-home families in the Peace Country.

Check out Rip’s Cleats here: Rip’s Cleats: Versatile Ice Cleats For Any Industry & Quality Medical Straps:

Northeast Aboriginal Business Centre

All businesses face tough times. But knowing that you are supported by your community makes a BIG difference!

“The past couple of years have had their ups and downs, but our overwhelming support kept us going. We are so thankful for the love and generosity of the community that helps us promote local indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. Because of this community, we were able to fund the creation of our fully certified commercial kitchen. With local businesses and programs now operating in our commercial kitchen, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!”

Learn more about the Northeast Aboriginal Business Centre here in Fort St John. Visit

Deep Woods Electrical and Controls

This time of year at Deep Woods Electrical & Controls means getting ready for construction and renovation season. A safe and effectively installed electrical system makes a home someplace magical.

Poorly installed cables or devices can lead to fire, electric shock, or worse! Refresh your home or business’s electrical system with new light fixtures, outlets and switches. Start this season knowing your electrical system is in top shape to handle your summer projects.

We service electrical systems in the BC Peace Region. We’ve got you covered; from floor to ceiling; at work, and at home.
Brandon has been providing safe, effective and reliable quality service and insulation’s to the Peace region since 2021.

Book an estimate now, and we’ll throw in a FREE 15A outlet/USB combo unit.
More info visit:  or call 250-219-2370

Mila Lansdown

Turning your passion into a small business is what we are all about. Just ask Mila Lansdowne!

“Over the last year, I built a growing personal and business development coaching business online.
I help women share their passion online so they can create the business lifestyle they envision. Thank you, Community Futures, for your support!”

Learn more about Mila’s services here:

COBS Bread

COBS Bread is named on the 2021 list of Best Workplaces for Giving Back.

When you work with COBS Bread, you’re part of a workplace that is committed to providing you with an experience that will help you rise to any occasion.
Join a culture where people always come first (and treats are a close second).

Apply to COBS Bread for flexible shifts, extensive training, and a fun work environment!
Send your resume to:


With Wok Box, you can enjoy your passion for Asian food, people and wok fun!

We provide vegan, vegetarian or gluten-friendly options and traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Wok Box infuses every meal with great flavor AND the highest quality ingredients.

Express your love for food and cooking with us! At Wok Box it really is more fun in a box.

Join our team!
Send your resume to:

242 Brew

“I work here because Tumbler Ridge has a lot of opportunities. It is growing like a wildfire and the town needs a high-quality place to eat. I love seeing both the familiar and new faces. I enjoy the service industry, and food is my passion.”

Frannie Bird Online Boutique

Starting your own business can be challenging and soul filling all at the same time.

Just ask Erin from Frannie Bird:

“Starting my own business has filled my creative entrepreneurial soul and challenged me on every level! Pushing through the challenges has encouraged me to grow, learn, & move outside of my comfort zone. I am grateful for the coaching & guidance that I have received from Community Futures Peace Liard. Having the support of a business coach has been beneficial for keeping me accountable and moving forward!”

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Cass’s Kitchen

Starting your own business can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time!

Just ask Cass’s Kitchen owner Cassandra:

“My dream has already happened, but that dream has so much further to go. Starting a business is exactly that… a start. Every day I aim for a new goal, and every time I reach my goal, I look to see what’s on the other side and set my sights on that.”

Keep up the amazing work Cassandra!

Riki’s Pets

Having passion for what you do matters!

Kaylie shares her experience with starting up Riki’s Pets:

“We opened up a pet supply store because our family is huge in animal health and our animals are a big part of our family. We want the best for choices for them! So far being a small community family business, we get great support, and we get the chance to get to know our local customers. We really enjoy selling local products (Canadian products) as its not only people supporting our business, but we also get to support other people’s business’s as well.”

Check out Riki’s Pets for your pet-loving needs!

The Bark Club

Opportunity can present itself at any time, be ready!

Just ask Josh from The Bark Club:

“I started pet sitting from home on Vancouver Island when I was 17 and always dreamed of running a doggy daycare. After getting laid off in the beginning of 2021 due to covid, I moved to Dawson creek, decided to take the jump and finally open up shop. The first space was outgrown surprisingly quickly, and the pups and I are loving our new home away from home.”

Check out The Bark Club at