Stoddart Water Creek Services Inc

Community Futures Peace Liard and Lakeview Credit Union collaborated to assist in a loan that launched the success of Stoddart Water Creek Services and provided a new water source for commercial and residential use. Three jobs were created with this business.

Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc. is a start-up company founded by Thomas H Stahl and Tanza Elin Stahl. In 2017 the company moved towards constructing a water utility to produce potable water on the Stahl property. Producing a grade of water as demineralized water sold in bulk quantities at the bulk water dispensing station to rural businesses, commercial water haulers, and rural residents.

The water utility and bulk water dispensing station is strategically located north of Fort St John, BC at 14414 Stoddart Creek Road (mile 59 on Alaska highway) is central to numerous rural subdivisions and a closer alternative potable water source for large industrial camps located in northeastern BC.

Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc. specializes in water purification and bulk water dispensing, producing and dispensing a grade demineralized water, available to potable water users/haulers. Potable water haulers pre- purchase water volumes from Stoddart Creek Water Services then market to their end clients.

Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc. can sell potable water to any end user on a small or large volume basis. Thomas has been gathering research to re-use the non-potable water for vegetable production with greenhouses, given the non-potable water is simply just high mineralized water.

This will bring jobs to the region, stimulate the economy, and promote environmental stewardship, water conservation and water efficiency due to re-use of back flush waters and bring greater sustainability to Stoddart Creek Water with income diversification from the vegetable production program. Thomas has gathered a wide range of research in this area and is actively speaking with greenhouse growers related to water qualities, green house operations, management, and maintenance in Northern climates.