Indigo Designs

Indigo Designs is an award-winning marketing design studio located in Fort St. John, BC. With the help of the Self Employment Program, Indigo Designs officially opened in 2001 and has gone on to work successfully with clients provincially, nationally and internationally.

Indigo Designs’ owner and designer Karen Thierson has been dubbed the ‘Graphic Design Guru’ by many clients because of her passion for her craft. “Having worked in administration for 13 years, I began to realize it was time for a change. It became clear to me that I belonged in a profession that was going to highlight my artistic strengths. I’ve aspired to be a designer since I was 16 years old. I opened Indigo Designs for purely selfish reasons – I needed a creative outlet! So, I followed my bliss!”

“I work largely with municipal and provincial governments. My style is very clean, so I do well in the corporate world. Not all corporate design is dry though, you can sprinkle a little creative flair into anything, really! I have also had the opportunity to work on some fun community events and projects here in Northeast, BC. This has allowed me to really spread my design wings and showcase my creativity. I have built my reputation on really listening to clients and what their needs are. I really have a feel for this region, because I live here too. I know some of the great things it has to offer and some of the challenges we face in the north. When I take on a new project, I’m all in and because of this, clients trust me and give me the freedom to explore new ideas. Reveal day is always my favourite day. Clients look forward to seeing what I come back with! It’s a win-win situation – they need me, and I need them!”

Indigo Designs’ specializes in corporate identity development, branding and website design. “I really enjoy working on large projects where I can build on an idea from concept to completion. This allows me to work with others who compliment my skills and has enabled me to recommend ideas to my clients that go beyond design. I’ve partnered with web and software developers, videographers, event planners, community builders and promotional companies. I have worked extensively with marketing and communications managers. Networking is key. If I work with someone who produces great work, I will recommend them to my clients and vice versa. Creating these professional relationships helps me grow my business. I volunteer my design skills to the community through sponsorship as well, which has really helped me expand my clientele.”

Since opening in 2001, Indigo Designs has gone on to win 8 National and 2 Provincial Marketing and Design Awards.