Business Loan Application Form

How Do I Apply for a CF Loan?

Complete the forms in the Loan Application package, as well as the Business Plan template (if you do not already have a Business Plan). Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you need any assistance in completing the application package.

Your completed Loan Application package can be emailed to our Business Analyst at, dropped off at our office at 1212 – 103rd Avenue in Dawson Creek.

The complete Loan Application package consists of:
  1. Due Diligence Checklist (Word Document)
  2. Pre-Loan Checklist (Word Document)
  3. Loan Application (Word Document)
  4. Personal Overview (Word Document)
  5. Guarantor Overview (Word Document)
  6. Business Plan (Word Document)


The other documents that may be required in order to complete the loan application process (see the Due Diligence Checklist):
Financial statements – last three fiscal years (for existing businesses)
Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable listing (for existing businesses)
Any outstanding amounts owed to CRA for GST/HST, taxes, PST, wages
Any outstanding amounts owed to WCB
Personal investment towards the project
Appraisal (or certified realtor’s opinion) – if purchasing a property
BC Assessment Notice – if purchasing a property or using a property as security
Statement on personal mortgage from bank with current balance owing – if using personal property as security
Vehicle registrations numbers – if purchasing a vehicle or if using a vehicle as security
Environmental Assessment – if purchasing or refinancing industrial property
Quotes on building you plan to construct
Letters of Intent or Support
Incorporation Information