Section Thirteen: Executive Summary


The executive summary is usually the last section of the business plan to be completed.

It should be a comprehensive and concise explanation of the major contents of your business plan.



Your Executive Summary section should include the following:

Business start date and location
Financial objectives for the year (e.g. sales, profits)
Commitment to resources (e.g.. people, facilities, etc.)
Location, price, product quality and services
Closing statement (should be strong)

Table 23 shows the Executive Summary for Fay’s Variety.

Table 23: Executive Summary for Fay’s Variety

This business plan offers a realistic projection of development and growth for Fay’s Variety, a full service grocery store established and incorporated in August, 201x Revenue projections for the first year of operation are forecasted at $120,000.

Fay’s Variety will seek start-up capital in the amount of $50,000, primarily for the purchase of up-to-date equipment, working capital and leaseholds.

The ambitious advertising program, to be launched immediately, has been designed to maximize overall exposure of the store to the general public. Aggressive campaigning in the community is planned in order to attract new customers away from major competitors. Pricing will also be very competitive in combination with maximum quality service, including an optional delivery service.

We feel that the 201x-201x fiscal year is going to require emphasis on being aggressive both from an external position as well as internally with our staff. The operation will be managed by the owner, Fay Thomas, whose years of experience in retail management will provide strong leadership to the carefully selected, high-energy staff.

Click on Worksheet 8.16 (Word Document) to prepare your Executive Summary.