Section Four: Human Resources


The Human Resource section of the business plan includes:

  1. an overview
  2. an organizational chart
  3. job descriptions
  4. profile of the owner(s)



Table 6 outlines what should be included in the Human Resources section of your business plan.

Table 6: Guidelines for Human Resources Section
Guidelines for Human Resources
Sub-section Contents
1. Overview Summary of your feelings about the importance of hiring and developing a well-qualified, customer orientated team of employees
2. Organizational Chart Illustrations of organization and reporting structure of your business
3. Job Descriptions Detailed descriptions of the day-to-day, month-to-month activities of all staff
4. Personal Resume(s) Description of your management skills/abilities


Table 7 shows the Human Resources section of Fay’s Variety business plan.

Table 7: Human Resources for Fay’s Variety

1. General Overview

The commitment to human resources is an integral part of Fay’s Variety overall philosophy.

A strong focus on hiring highly skilled people who share the philosophy of customer service and quality excellence, combined with an emphasis on training and leadership by example, will ensure success.

Training programs will be provided through Anywheretown College for all levels of staff with particular emphasis on customer service.

Although a benefit package cannot be provided in the first year of start-up, the plan is to put a basic one in place, through the Chamber of Commerce, as soon as possible.

Regular meetings with employees will ensure that each individual is a part of the team and has the opportunity to experience the pulse of both the internal and external aspects of the operation.

Carefully structured job activities will result in a clear definition of each position and a reporting sequence that brings a certain degree of rationale to human resources at Fay’s Variety. It allows management to channel talents and skills in a direction that makes sense for the company and employees alike, and encourages a sense of responsibility and ownership.

To make certain that all staff are in tune with the store policies, a policy manual is being developed that clearly articulates the position of Fay’s Variety towards holidays, sick leave, training opportunities, etc.

2. Job Descriptions:

a. Owner/Manager

    • • overall planning and forecasting
    • • financial management and administration to Trial Balance stage, for accountant
    • • outside marketing and advertising
    • • prime contact with suppliers
    • • employee recruitment, management, scheduling and training opportunities
    • • maintain awareness of competitive activity
    • • liaison with external businesses and associations in the area
    • • maintain awareness of competitive activity
    • • handling of customer complaints and/or enquiries

b. Assistant Store Manager

    • • overall responsibility for cash and till balances
    • • bank deposits and payroll
    • • office supplies, coupons, faxing/filing, invoices, price checking, mail, safe count, monthly government forms
    • • general customer contact (be visible)
    • • other duties as deemed necessary by the Manager

c. Sales Clerks

    • • operating check-outs and balancing at end of each shift
    • • stocking shelves
    • • monthly inventory check
    • • shelving returned videos, and calling late video rentals
    • • calling customers for shoe repair pick-ups
    • • generally assisting customers and checking on customer satisfaction
    • • other duties as deemed necessary by Manager

Click on Worksheet 8.3 (Word Document) to describe your staffing requirements.