Section Eight: Territory


This section of your business plan should describe the local, regional, national and /or international areas in which you plan to conduct business.



Table 14 provides some guidelines for the development of this section of your plan.

Table 14: Guidelines for Territory Section
Guidelines for Territory
  • • Define the geographic territory you have selected for your business and explain why you targeted this territory.
  • • How will you assign resources to this defined territory?
  • • What strategic alliances will you form in order to manage the territory you have identified?
  • • Do you have a plan for expanding your territory over time?


Table 15 shows the write-up for the Territory section for Fay’s Variety.

Table 15: Territory for Fay’s Variety

The primary territory for Fay’s variety ranges within a three mile radius of the store.

Advertising and promotion efforts are planned to attract more transient customers to increase sales revenue.

Click on Worksheet 8.7 (Word Document) to describe the location of your business.