Section Two: Measuring Success

Quality Service

Quality service is of extreme importance in business today. Quality service should incorporate the following:

1. Golden Attitude

quality — of products and/or services and how this is “delivered”.
customer focus

2. Customer Focus


3. Excellence in every aspect of business

4. Personal pride, character and self-respect


Becoming Champions of Service

How do you achieve quality service?

1. Get the basics down pat.

No amount of “special touches” will overcome a mediocre product or lack of product knowledge.

2. Hire good people, train them, and retain them.

Nothing has a greater impact on customer satisfaction – relationships – retention than caring and competent employees.

3. Ignite your engines.

The engine which drives profits is personal, quality service. Consumers want to do business with people who care and companies who have a “corporate soul”. Fuel your quality processes with ongoing employee training and recognition.

4. Know your customers.

Stay in tune with customers’ needs, attitudes, perceptions, values and motives. Don’t assume — ask.

5. View service as a total organizational process.

Everybody has a customer, regardless of his or her function in the organization. Develop a service team.

6. Constantly strive to do better.

There is always room for improvement. Never accept the status quo. Measure, evaluate, improve.

Attracting New Customers

There are three kinds of prospects:

1. Contented

Contented prospects are happy with their present state and may not perceive a need.

2. Discontented

Discontented prospects have an area of dissatisfaction. If you can show them a benefit they could have, they may buy now.

3. Perfectly Satisfied

The perfectly satisfied prospect does not have a perceived need — No need, no sale!

Four Questions to Surface a Perceived Need

Do they want your product or service?
Do they need your product or service?
Can they use your product or service?
Can they afford your product or service?

Customer Retention

Remember, it takes much more effort to find new customers than it does to retain existing customers.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most necessary focuses of your business.


Measuring Success

Are you sure that you are providing the products or services that your customers want to buy?

Are your customers satisfied with your services?

How do you know?

Don’t assume, ask. Utilize any or all of the following ideas for measuring customer satisfaction:

Customer surveys
Focus groups
Comment cards
Telephone surveys
Observation — take a walk around
Analysis of complaints
Mystery shoppers

Professional Image

In selling “everything counts”.

95% of everything you do, say or think is a result of outside influences. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Personal appearance is critical.

95% of your body is covered with clothing. Dress for success is very important.

Good grooming means looking neat, and wearing appropriate business clothes.

55% of the message you communicate to your prospect or customer is body language. Your postures should be erect. Your handshake should be firm.

Click on Worksheet 5.5 (Word Document) to develop and enhance your customer service.