Unit 5: Sales & Quality Service


Business is an arena of intensified competition, greater public awareness and demands for outstanding quality.

Success in business requires a solid understanding of your customers’ needs and values. It requires a clear definition of what “quality” means to your customer and how to deliver it.

Starting a business and staying in business today requires an unequivocal commitment to customer satisfaction.

In this module, the terms “sales” and “service” are not treated as separate skill sets, but rather as a convergence of policies and practices which businesses develop or adopt in creating and sustaining customer demand for products and services.

This module will help you to develop effective sales techniques, set sales objectives, overcome objections, and track your results.


What You Will Learn

This module is divided into the following sections:

Section One: Sales Performance
Section Two: Measuring Success

Learning Outcomes

After reviewing this module you should be able to:

Assess your sales performance effectiveness and identify those areas in which you need to improve.
Assess the needs of your customers and outline a plan to sustain long term customer relationships
List specific actions you plan to undertake to ensure quality service to your customers.
Identify the method(s) you will use for measuring customer satisfaction.