Unit 1: Look Before You Leap – A Self Assessment


Entrepreneurship has many definitions, but the term generally refers to the undertaking of new initiatives which are innovative and creative.

Entrepreneurs generally view the world with a positive perspective, seeking new challenges and opportunities with the spirit of adventure. As such, they are the change agents of society. Entrepreneurs are tomorrow’s leaders – they transform vision into reality.

Self-employment allows entrepreneurs the freedom to generate and act upon new ideas that respond to perceived opportunities.

In this unit you will have the opportunity to assess your entrepreneurial characteristics and business skills. You will examine some steps to take before leaping ahead into a venture of your own.


What You Will Learn

This unit is divided into the following sections:

Section One: Entrepreneurial Characteristics
Section Two: Business Skills
Section Three: Start-up Planning

Learning Outcomes

After reviewing this unit you should be able to:

List some entrepreneurial characteristics which you already possess and some characteristics which you think you should develop further.
Identify business skills which you feel you already possess and business skills which you feel you need to develop further.
Assess your readiness for starting your business.